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About Us

iVega Limited

iVega Limited was established in London, UK under the registration no. 10267125. After extensive, detailed review of the Middle East IT markets, the company is now represented through its main branch in Jordan, opened in 2016. The study concludes that information technology and the new digital and media content are fully saturated with traditional aspects, in terms of design, service and content management software.

This is mainly attributed to the lack of continuous updates coping with the rapid IT advancements, in addition to the high costs accompanying economic crises, which all pose significant challenges to both developing and consuming companies, and makes it harder to progress towards better, newer options.

This led to the inception of iVega to realize a modern vision, steering away from the cluttered traditional trends in project management and development, and by developing our own products to offer our clients more value efficiency and deliver projects at the highest levels of professionalism and quality.

Company management

iVega is managed by an ambitions team of qualified professionals, who boast a vast accumulative experience in the IT, electronic business service development and information security fields, in addition to their expertise on multimedia system solutions and virtual reality technologies.

iVega’s management has been facing severe challenges in the highly competitive business environment and the large number of startups and solid companies in the sector, but out approach, futuristic vision and qualified team of experts gives us a competitive edge and enables us to achieve excellence for better, more creative competition that would ultimately work for the benefit of our valued customers and our company. The management has undertaken a mission to offer high quality technology solutions, at prices that are affordable by all company and customer segments.

Our current and future vision

Although the Arab region has taken significant strides towards embracing technology and digital transformation, it still needs a strong push to achieve leadership, with further experience and expertise needed to grow the young incubating environment. This aligns with the core of our vision in iVega, as we continuously seek to keep up with the latest innovations and review our future plans to continue our growth and improve out services while strengthening our efforts to serve our customers and support their projects in order to be regional pioneers.

Our customers are our partners

In an environment where the slogan “customers come first” has become truly obsolete, not reflecting the truly desired relationship between business and customers, we chose our motto to be “Our customers are our partners” – which embodies the current relationship with existing and new customers. We view our customers as partners in developing the company and its business, with the aim of achieving their full satisfaction over delivered services and projects.


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